About Matthew Hatt

Matthew Hatt is an artist and former Sous Chef. Born in the center of the Universe (Toronto, Ontario) November 23, 1975. After spending many years in living in New Minas, Nova Scotia, he then moved with his family to a small place called Gold River, and eventually ended up spending his youth there. Matthew quit school in grade 10 because he didn't like the environment. He then took a job at the Rope Loft in Chester, Nova Scotia starting as a prep cook. He spent several years there until he decided to move on to a restaurant called the Windjammer. He eventually ventured in to the big little city. Halifax, Nova Scotia where he spent a few years traveling around the city, working his way up to a Sous Chef. He worked at some great places, such as The Red Fox, Sanremos, the Alderney Cafe and Freeman's Lil New York. He then moved back to Gold River, to work at The Oak Island Resort and Spa, and the Seaside Shanty. He also even spent some time in Buckhorn, Ontario at the Westwind Inn. After Ontario he decided to move back to Gold River, where he began his career in art and music. Matthew was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2006 and after being institutionalized for the second time, he continued to produce art and music. The illness hasn’t slowed him down one bit! Matthew’s art hangs in homes from Canada, all the way to China. Matthew’s work has been seen all over and has been an inspiration for many up and coming artists. By using self-developed drawing and painting processes, he has always found ways to express himself with his artwork. He utilizes intense colors to give character to the canvas, which represent Matthew’s approach to his own spontaneous creativity.


PLEASE NOTE: Matthew no longer takes commissions for pop art style portraits. Thank you.


Artist Statement

My art work is an interesting mix of styles with a focus on color, texture and compositional aesthetics, the mood and emotional content has been called powerful.
I consider my artwork outsider art.
I possess a strong interest in all art forms, painting, music and design. 
I seek beauty in the simplicity found in new experiences, people, places, and art forms.
I love to create.

I love seeking inspiration from the world as well as inspiring others to create.


Matthew Hatt

Box 52 Chester Basin,

Nova Scotia, B0j1k0